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Adjustable Beds

Air Mattresses

With the touch of a button you are able to adjust your bed to a comfortable position for sleeping, reading, and watching TV without all those lumpy pillows that never stay where you put them. Our mattress features soothing, high-speed, three-way massage motors instead of the normal vibrating type of motors.

In the hospital they normally raise the head and the foot of the bed, which is a healthier way to sleep. With the head and foot of the bed raised slightly, you will breath deeper and easier, have natural fluid drainage in the upper body, and better circulation in the legs. Many people sleep in their recliner chair just to get into this basic position.

Innerspring Mattress
The innerspring mattress is made special for us. It is a firm innerspring unit with duel density foam on both sides of the mattress, bringing it to 10 inches in depth. With this combination, you will not feel the springs of the mattress as you bend the bed. It has the thickness of a pillow top but is stitched like a tight top so that the sheets will stay on as you adjust the bed. The weak area of the usual adjustable bed mattress is down the outside edge of the mattress where the steel rods have been removed so that it will bend. We have solid core inserts installed in the outside row of springs so that the mattress will flex but the side is still supported when you are sitting on the side of the bed.

Air Mattress
This air mattress may be used alone or with the adjustable bed bases to get the most comfortable rest ever. The mattress is made by a company that started in 1931 and has been making air mattresses since 1981. The air chamber is 24 gauge latex / cotton which makes it a very strong unit. With the new King Split Top Mattress used on adjustable bed bases, each person is able to have their own firmness and adjustability without having to have two separate mattresses with a split all the way down the middle of the bed.

Adjustable Base
We realize when you look at the top of an adjustable in a store or in your home with the covers on it, they all look the same. By being in the service end of adjustable beds since 1981, it is the mechanical portion of the bed that you do not normally see that we are concerned with. All the pivot points on the metal frame have permanently-lubricated, bronze bushings that are bolted in place, with no rivets. Wooden sections in the decking are 5/8" A/C grade plywood, not particle board or chip board. If the need ever arises, we are able to install hospital bed rails on the bed.