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Health & Comfort Equipment Service

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Lift & Power Chairs - Scooters - Ramps


Lift Chairs

Usually when someone is looking for a lift chair, their main concern is price. Something that is just as important is who will work on it should you ever have a problem. Most Big Box stores have delivery persons but no service personnel. This will also apply to some name brand chairs. We not only sell and deliver them, we also service and repair them. 

Scooters & Power Chairs

We go for quality. One of our customers tried a less expensive import scooter and the wiring was not even heavy enough to use in his home. Wiring started getting hot and was melting connectors. We traded him out of it and got him into a name brand we could trust.

Portable Ramps

There is a variety of folding ramps and we like the multi fold ramp by PVI. It will fold twice and is carried as a suitcase. Ramp may be split in center and carried as 2 pieces for less weight.